First time users

It is important to slowly transition your dog from his/her current diet.

We recommend that you gradually mix in the new vegan food with the old one over a 7 day period, daily increasing the amount of Ketunpet .

We recommend starting with 20% of Ketunpet in the mix, and then increase it 10% daily till the old food is not needed.

This will help your pet’s digestive system getting used to the new ingredients.

You will be amazed of how much your dog will enjoy the new food and in a few weeks will see great results in regards of the wellbeing of your dog.

When opening the bag, please be careful not to cut open the special storage valve. Please cut in a diagonal manner at the opposite side of the valve.

Our bags come with a unique specially designed degassing valve that allows air to go out and will keep the food fresh thill the last kibble.  

You will love this special feature.

Your dog will love the food.